Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/WIRS)

Department of Psychology


Psychology is defined as the scientific study of human behavior. For generations human have attempted to understand this behavior. WIL offers different courses in the discipline of psychology including M.Sc. Psychology (2 years), BS Psychology (04 years) and Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (1 year). A Clinical psychologist works to decrease distress and promotes Psychological well-being for all population groups including children, adults and families.

Their professional activities include

Diagnosis:    Interview, test & behavioral observation.
Treatment:    Planning, monitoring   with a variety of population.

Testing: Intelligence tests, personality tests and aptitude tests.

In Abbottabad there is a dire need for educational institutes that focus on the education of women. Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation (WIL/ WIRS) is the only institute which exclusively fosters women education on graduate and postgraduate levels. One of the departments of WIL is Psychology, which is providing its services not only to this part of the province but all over the country. This department consists of its own library, Psychological lab and counselling rooms, in order to facilitate the students. These counselling rooms are open to the general public as well as students of Women Institute of Learning & Women Medical & Dental College in helping to overcome their problems regarding their education as well as social life.

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Program Offer:

M.Sc. Psychology

Short title: M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical)
Duration and Number of Seats:

2 years, 40 Seats
Entry requirements: 

All applicant should possess at least 45% Marks in B.A as well as in the subject of Psychology.

Other qualifications accepted:

2nd class B.A with at least 45% marks in Philosophy, Social Work, Sociology, Home Economics, Education and B.Sc with Zoology.

Program Offer:

B.S Psychology

Short title: B.S Psychology
Duration and Number of Seats:

4 years, 30 Seats
Entry requirements: 

All applicant should possess at least 45% Marks in F.A/ F.Sc.

Program Offer:

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Short title: Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Duration and Number of Seats:

14 months (03 Semesters), 20 Seats
Entry requirements:

All applicant should possess at least 60% Marks in M.Sc Psychology.


  • Affiliated with University of Peshawar
  • Registered by Higher Education Regulatory Authority KPK, Peshawar
HoD Psychology

Psychology is the subject of humanity, with a motto of ‘serve and to be served’. Our goal is to sharpen the personality of every member of society. Every human is unique and important to us, and our task is to explore and polish their abilities so that they can flourish.


Head of Department:

Mrs. Shazia Bibi


The department of Psychology started functioning in October 2005. It is affiliated with the University of Peshawar. With the University of Peshawar. This department has been showing excellent performance in University of Peshawar for the last nine years by achieving different distinctions. Well qualified and pains taking faculty has been provided to the Psychology Department.


Our aim is to ensure that your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm can be allied with the best support and the finest facilities to enable you to contribute towards progress and future development of the country.

We are offering you a rare amalgamation of practical and relevant knowledge sharpened by transferable skills such as team work, communication and leadership that you need for your future life/ career. Students are imparted education in a way that provides academic excellence.

Teaching Faculty Psychology Department

Teaching Faculty Psychology Department

S.No Name Designation Qualifications
1 Col. Dr Tahir Pervez Assistant Professor
2 Miss Shazia Bibi Assistant Professor Msc. Psychology
3 Miss Misbah Munawar Assistant Professor Msc. Statistics

M.Phil. (In Progress)

4 Miss Sadiqa Bibi Assistant Professor M.Phil. Psychology (In Progress)
5 Miss Shazia Malik Assistant Professor M.Phil. Psychology, PMDCP, Phd. (In progress)
6 Miss Naila Tariq Assistant Professor Msc. Psychology, M.Phil. Psychology (In Progress)
7 Miss Summer Sadiq Lecturer M.Phil. Psychology (In Progress)
8 Miss Zaish Awan Lecturer Msc. Psychology, M.Phil. Psychology (In Progress)
9 Miss Sabeen Jadoon Lecturer Msc. Psychology, M.Phil. Psychology (In Progress)
10 Miss Irum Arshad Lecturer B.S Psychology
11 Miss Zainab Tariq Lecturer Msc. Psychology, PGDCP Psychology
12 Miss Salma Batool Lecturer M.Phil. Psychology, Phd. (In progress)
13 Miss Adeela Sundus Lecturer Msc. Psychology, PGDCP Psychology
14 Miss Shazmeena Jadoon Lecturer Msc. Psychology
15 Miss Ayesha Anum Lecturer Msc. Psychology, PGDCP Psychology
16 Miss Shagufta Imtiaz Lecturer M.A English, B.Ed.


Assistants and Attendants Pharmacy Department
1 Miss Musarat Shaheen Lab Attendant
2 Miss Rashida Attendant

Scheme of Studies

Department of Psychology


M.Sc. Psychology (Previous)

  1. Historical and contemporary psychology
  2. Learning, cognition and motivation
  3. Statistics
  4. Research methodology
  5. Psychological testing and measurement
  6. Psychopathology

Practical relevant to each subject

M.Sc. Psychology (Final)

  1. Social psychology
  2. Behavioral Neuroscience
  3. Theories of personality
  4. Theoretical Models and Treatment
  5. General issues and assessment


Ist Semester

  1. Psychotherapy (1)
  2. Neurophysiology
  3. Neurophysiology (1)
  4. Psycho diagnosis/ Assessment (1)
  5. Ethics

2nd Semester

It will be a summer semester with no teaching classes. Students will only be supervised/ trained in assessment and therapies.

3rd Semester

  1. Psychotherapy (2)
  2. Neuropsychology (2)
  3. Psychodiagnosis/ Assessment (2)
  4. Psychopharmacology
  5. Child Therapy.


  1. English-I (Compulsory)
  2. Introduction to Psychology-I
  3. History of Psychology
  4. Pakistan Studies (Compulsory)
  5. Practicum-I
  6. Minor-I (Statistics-i/Sociology-I/Economics-I) etc.
  1. English-II (Compulsory)

Introduction to Psychology-II

  1. Schools of Psychology
  2. Islamic Education (Compulsory)
  3. Practicum-II
  4. Minor-I (Statistics-I, Sociology-I, Economics-I) etc.
  1. Communication Skills-I (Compulsory)
  2. Educational Psychology
  3. Positive Psychology/Ethics in Psychology
  4. Experimental Psychology-I
  5. Minor-II (Math’s, Biology-I, Computer Science-I)
  1. Communication Skills-II (Compulsory)
  2. Educational Psychology
  3. Positive Psychology/Ethics in Psychology
  4. Experimental Psychology-II
  5. Minor-II (Math’s-II, Biology-I, Computer Science-II)
  1. Research Methodology-I
  2. Applied Statistics-I
  3. Personalities Theories-I
  4. Psychological Testing-I
  5. Mental Health and Psychopathology-I
  6. Developmental Psychology
  1. Research Methodology-II
  2. Applies Statistics-II
  3. Personality Theories-II
  4. Psychological Testing-II
  5. Mental Health and Psychopathology-II
  6. Neurological Bases of Behavior

Computer Applications

  1. Counselling Psychology
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Consumer Psychology
  4. Cognitive Psychology
  5. Motivation
  6. Advance Social Psychology
  7. Forensic Psychology
  8. Environmental Psychology
  9. Cross Cultural Psychology
  1. Organizational Psychology
  2. Health Psychology
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Leadership in Organization
  5. Marketing Research and Promotional Strategies
  6. Behavioral Analysis and Management
  7. Sports Psychology
  8. Muslim Psychology
  9. Parapsychology
  10. Internship Report