Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/WIRS)

History and Introduction


The present land of Hazara, which is famous for its natural beauty, has a long history behind it reaching as far as before Christ. The ancient name of Hazara, prior to the Buddhist Dynasty, was coined as Ursaha.
Subsequently, today Hazara is one of the divisions of KPK. This status was given in 1973. It consists of five districts Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Batagram and Kohistan. Its total area is 17,103 acres. 20% of KPK population is living in Hazara Division, which is approximately 3.5 million.


The city of Abbottabad is not only the capital but also the historical and natural crown of the Hazara Division. It is 4,120 feet above the sea level. It was founded in 1853 and named after Major James Abbott, the first Deputy Commissioner (March 1849-April 1853) of Hazara. J.A. Donaid was the last Deputy Commissioner (September 27, 1905). The population of Abbottabad District is 722915. The area of Abbottabad city is about 800 acres.. It has the central position in Hazara with Mansehra in its north, Rawalpindi in the south, Muzaffarabad in the east and Haripur on the west.

Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/ WIRS):

The Women Institute of Learning was established in August 2005 with the purpose of promoting professional education in the country, especially for the female population.
A very large number of families in our society are reluctant to send their daughters to co-education institutions, resultantly a large number of female population is denied professional education.
Our first project in the shape of Women Medical College has received an overwhelming response in Pakistan and abroad.

Our second project by the name of Women Institute of Learning is in the field of Pharmacy, Psychology and Education departments and has received great response throughout the country.