Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/WIRS)


Quality is an inherent and distinguished characteristic through which an institution can guarantee the maintenance and enhancement of its education. The establishment of quality Enhancement cell is one of the education commission taken by the higher education commission (HEC) of Pakistan to improve the quality of higher education in Pakistan. The QEC department has been established in the private and public sector universities and higher education institutions (HEIS) of Pakistan and they are working under the guidance of (HEC).

Women institute of learning and Rehabilitation sciences was established in 2005 with the purpose of promoting professional education in the country, especially for the female population. 

The Quality Enhancement cell was established in Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences in 2019.

The department of QEC at (WIRS) and (WIL) has conducted Faculty performance evaluation on the self assessment Report [SAR] successfully of their three major departments i.e Doctor of Physiotherapy, Psychology and Pharm D.


QEC is committed to assure and enhance the quality of higher education at Women Institute of learning and Rehabilitation Sciences where students can learn skills and other attributes in a best possible way with respect to good teaching strategies, sound infrastructure, outcome based education, positive tools and a learning environment for females.


To ensure high standards of education set by HEC in the field of health sciences with respect to professional and quality assurance techniques.



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