Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/WIRS)

Mission and Vision


The Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences to work within parameters charter and to create knowledge in the field of Allied Health Sciences, Education in order to contribute to the process of nation building in keeping with our religious, historical and cultural ethics. (WILRS) visualizes a transformative impression on society through its continual innovation in educational sector for female’s only, creativity and research.


Professional Education & Promotion Society (PEPS) was established with the missionary sprits to provide a platform of learning to the female population of this region. Most of the females in the country esp. KPK are denied higher education especially professional education due to their disliking for coeducation for one reason or the other. The need for educating such population was seriously realized and Professional Education & Promotion Society (PEPS) materialized the opportunity to be offered to females interested in Pharmacy and Psychology in the form of bringing up a Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences for females only. Their successful endeavor together the best known teaching faculty from all over the country is self-explanatory of their sincere efforts for the promotion of professional education in the country in general and in the province of KPK in particular.
Women Institute of learning being the 1st Institution in the private sector reserved for female’s education is flourishing with the untiring efforts of the member of the Board of Management and Administrative staff besides the dedicated and scrupulously diligent efforts of the teaching staff whose motto is Professional education with devotion and dedication in a center “Par Excellence”. Endless efforts are in progress for the ultimate goal i.e. Development of 1st Women University in the province for female education only. A Dream which is reality will soon be achieved Inshallah.