Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/WIRS)

MD Message

Dr. Qazi Adnan Bashir

Message by Managing Director

With the establishment of Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (Wil/ WIRS) Abbottabad in Hazara Division after Women Medical & Dental College, Abbottabad. I feel exuberant pleasure to extend my heartiest felicitation to all the students intending to join the important educational sectors such as Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Physiotherapy, M. Sc Clinical Psychology, and Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, B.S (4 years) in Clinical Psychology and ADE in Education. I am also indebted to the parents of the students for trusting and cooperating with us in the completion of this mission.

I am sure that students coming out successfully under the patronage of well experienced and qualified teachers will broaden their knowledge in these fields enabling them to meet any challenges in helping the suffering humanity in the years to ensue.

At the same time our foreign students will feel proud and sense of intimacy with the knowledge they will attain in Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/ WIRS) during the span of their stay for the completion of these courses.

Insha’ Allah we will extend our courses to the level of M.Phil and Ph.D. in the relevant fields with due course of time.

I wish the students toiling with perseverance, dedication, diligence and honesty for the achievement of their goals.