Women Institute of Learning and Rehabilitation Sciences (WIL/WIRS)

The WIL & WIRS Journey

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If you ask any student about life at WIL, you will probably hear that it is high – pressure, speedy and relentless. Like any other top institution, the WIL demands a lot from its students – there is a reason why they are the best. Students at the WIL find themselves striving to meet high expectations every day. There are quizzes, reports, assignments, presentations, a lot of teamwork and no room for delays. There are, however, certain days of recharging fun given in between the pressure-packed routines. Life here is extremely competitive; moves quickly and switch novices into powerful, hardcore professionals. But the WIL isn’t just all work and no fun.

While WIL students are able to cope with a heavy workload and the stress it causes, they also know when to relax. The best thing about taking a break and having fun at the WIL is that it always involves everybody – there is no concept of isolation. At the end of their time here, we want our graduates to have the self-belief to be whomever they want to be and to feel confident and excited about their future.

Your Journey Begins